How it started..

Born and brought up in a place far away from all the chaos of the world. Being the only girl among my brothers, I was a tomboy far away from girlish things except dolls:) I still have my collection of barbie’s which my father used to bring on my birthdays. Those held a special place in my heart.

And then a major change happened in my life….my cousin was getting married. An Earth Science student finding love in rocks suddenly starts liking makeup so much. Even though I have a liking for kohl so so so much in my school days. ¬†Inspite of my field trips which were part of my studies each year, I was also preparing for her marriage. I didn’t have enough time for selecting outfits as my exams were clashing with her marriage. But somehow I managed between both. And then comes the time for makeup shopping. I watched so much videos on youtube related to best makeup products, how to do makeup yourself etc etc. At that time, my love for makeup was increasing with each passing day and I bought a hell lot of products. Her marriage went well and we all enjoyed a lot. From that time back in 2016 till now, I am an active collector of makeup.

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Manaswi Tanwar

A Glimpse of my life.. :)

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