Faces Glam On Perfect Blush Cocktail Peach-04 Review

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In this post, I am going to review Faces Glam On Perfect Blush Cocktail Peach-04.

Price: 559 INR for 5g of product.

Shelf life of 29 months.


The product comes in a small round container. The shade is clearly visible from outside. Easy to carry. Travel-friendly. Light-weight. No mirror and applicator is provided.



Details given on their website: Link to Faces Canada website

Blush it off! Blend and build to your heart’s content with Faces Canada Perfect Blush. Easy-to-apply with a silky smooth texture that feels super light and lasts long. A dermatologically tested blush which extends excellent shading and the light shimmering color renders the cheeks with a natural-looking glow. Features: Light shimmering color gives the cheeks a natural looking glow. New sericite extends excellent blending and velvety touch. Silky smooth texture feels super light and lasts long. Silicons extend creaminess and adherence. Blends effortlessly on the skin. Comes with an easy to apply blush. Free from D5, silicon, parabens, lanolin, mineral oil. This product is dermatologically tested.

Description & Swatches:

This blush is peach in color with very tiny shimmers. Shimmers are not very noticeable but it gives a nice sheen on the cheeks.

The texture of the blush is super smooth.

The application of the blush is good. It can be easily blended. The color looks good on all skin types but it will look more appealing on fairer skin tones. It is a little chalky.

Staying power is also good. It can stay for around 6-7 hours in cold weather and if set with a good setting spray. In hot and humid weather, staying power is less specially when you sweat a lot on your face.

It can be easily removed with a makeup remover or even coconut oil.


Affordable. Smooth texture. Good formulation. Staying power is good. Easily blends. Paraben free.


A little chalky. No applicator and mirror is provided.

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4 thoughts on “Faces Glam On Perfect Blush Cocktail Peach-04 Review”

    1. No doubt the color looks very pretty and gives a fresh peachy look on the cheeks. I sweat a lot on my face so I avoid using this blush in humid weather because of the chalky texture. But for other weather conditions, this blush works great for me. You can try this in the store. I saw yesterday this blush was on sale on Faces Canada website.


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